Saturday, November 1, 2014

S.E. Auction, Zanesville Ohio

Today we went to an auction in Zanesville, Ohio, hosted by S.E. Auctions. We always love these, at the Knights of Columbus just of I-70. There were well over 200 pieces of good art pottery for bid, with a large selection of Wisecarver, good representation by Rookwood, Roseville, lots of others, but especially some choice pieces of Weller Pottery. We always find this auction well run, and today was no exception, with the majority well cataloged and described.

Here are two standouts from the auction.

Blue Louwselsa is as rare as hens teeth, and this beautiful example was pristine. We had hoped this gem would be overlooked, and that we could pick it up on the cheap. It was not to be, with the bids quickly being jumped, and the final hammer price hitting a whopping $650 plus 10%  buyers premium. With prices moving higher each auction when these things pop up, in a few years $650 might appear to be a bargain.

This huge Kingfisher did not appear to have any damage or repairs, and garnered lots of interest prior to the bidding. We have seen comparable examples in the past surpass $800, but today the buyers shrugged and this one walked out the door for $400 plus 10% buyers premium. Someone got a great deal as these are always in great demand.

We did pick up a few standard Louwelsa pieces, as well as a big Dickensware Jard with a few flea bites on the cheap, but only spent big on three pieces: A Brush jewel vase that was not in the catalog, a 13" #25 Peters and Reed Landsun landscape vase, and a wonderful Rookwood daffodil vase executed by A.R.V. In all it was a great auction, with something for everyone. Look for our bounty to be available on The Kings Fortune within the week.