Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sheridan & Associates, Xenia Ohio

So yesterday, we headed out to Xenia, Ohio for an auction run by Sheridan & Associates. We had been there before, at the fairgrounds. The food was pretty good, especially the homemade chicken soup. You won't go hungry in Xenia!

Anyway, the focus of the auction was actually primitives and pocket knives, but they did have a few dozen pieces of early American art pottery, including 5 pieces of Weller art pottery. The common pieces went pretty much as expected, in the $35-$45 range, and was nothing of note really. However, a nice piece of Dickensware showed up on one of the tables, and the bidding got busy.

I had inspected it closely prior to the action and felt confident that it was original with no restoration. The winning bid came in at $200, and I think whomever grabbed it got a pretty good deal.

I checked the auctions this coming week to see what vintage Weller pottery deals might be hiding out there but found very little. See you next time!

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